Let's Use a File


this time I'm file a workpiece. and 'file' mean trim a wood surface. usually we don't need to file a wood. but it's easy to do. just a few seconds, we can do it.

okay, let's go the filing world🐱🌲

this is a wood saw, scale and pencil,
a yellow file and vise for metalworking.

this is a red pine wood piece.
it's almost 40 x 30mm in width.

and the length is 488mm.

how long inch?
i don't know, sorry.

i need a two same length wood pieces for kitchen shelf.
so i calculate the center length. so that's a..

I GOT IT❗️👀💻

it is 243mm from the both ends.
i put the center mark 2mm width.

then i drew the center lines.
it have 2mm margin for wood saw and filing.

i cut them.
thank you mother earth🌱🌳🌍

this is a soft than some wood. so it is very easy, just a 15 second to cut.

and this wood are aging changes is small too. because it is machine drying before sell.

i'm little filing the wood ends.

in soft wood woodworking, normally i use a file mesh quality #120 to 240. a quality #120 can speedy working and #240 can make a smooth wood surface.

a quality #400 (fine mesh than #240) is good for use for a hard wood and small workpiece.

that's done!

i hope you can read my English writing. but if you can't read, please look at the images a long time😎

see you-

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