Scribe Line for Wood


hi everyone. thank you for watching.
this is some tips for my craft. and of course this is my learning to English writing😼

let's do it❗️️👟

this is my tools.
and this hand saw is blade replaceable.

a piece (from 40×30×4,000mm) of red pine wood, imported to Japan.

this wood is easy to buy and low cost.

a square scale and 0.7mm pencil.

by the way. in japan, we can't buy a imperial(inch) ruler scale. that's illegal. it's only sell for sewing use.

this is a little useful wood piece.

this is painted red pine. so same wood as above.

time is money. let's draw a scribe line.


i'm sorry for dusky photo. be cheerful your mind.

mom was absent. I'm pointing the next scribe line. then,

set a square scale and draw the 2nd line.

perfect job. perfect.

and 4 times I did it. not bad😺

スタート is 'start' in Japanese.

it's done.

a scribe line drawing are first step for wood craft. and it's important than cutting.

see you again!

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